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Roles of Occupational Therapists in Skilled Nursing Centers

Residents in skilled nursing centers require extensive medical services. They need professionals in the field of a healthcare system that can extend assistance to their day-to-day living. Because of this, the presence of an occupational therapist is crucial for them in performing tasks such as eating, dressing, and participating in leisure activities and gatherings.

Occupational therapists run at all levels of care in a skilled nursing center. They provide various healthcare services for the seniors’ physical and mental health. They help individuals with health impairments by promoting personalized outcomes of good mental well-being. To learn more about the importance of their involvement, listed below are occupational therapists’ short and long-term roles in skilled nursing facilities.

Short-Term Care Involvement

  • They help residents improve and gain independence in terms of activities of daily living such as meal preparation, home financial management, and overall tasks.
  • They provide functional mobility training to teach residents how to do tasks while using medical devices like canes and walkers.
  • Occupational therapists assess the needs of each resident in terms of accommodation, spaces, and activities.
  • It is also their job to recommend home safety modifications to increase residents’ ability to perform daily activities such as walking and other forms of exercise.
  • Identifying suitable hobbies and social activities for the resident’s skills training and recreational period is also part of their job.

Long-Term Care Involvement

  • They conduct functional mobility training for bedridden patients, including independent tasks and self-care execution from using mobile devices such as a wheelchair to a safety transfer to bed, chair, toilet, and shower.
  • One of their goals is to enhance residents’ daily living activities like emergency calls and medical alert systems.
  • Occupational therapists instruct and teach residents and their caretakers with strategies and techniques to improve their behaviors.
  • They also modify suitable environments for residents to adapt to tasks and public activities such as dining; to minimize risks and manage residents’ behaviors.
  • They open opportunities by providing recreational activities suitable to the residents’ health conditions.

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Occupational therapists perform essential roles for our loved ones who need special care and assistance. Without them, it will be hard for you alone to manage your senior family member’s recovery period from health impairment. If you need an occupational therapist, schedule an appointment with us at Princeton Health Care Center. We offer occupational therapy for elders in Princeton, WV. We’ll be glad to address your concerns.

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