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COVID-19 Update – Sept. 15, 2020


We at Princeton Health Care Center (PHCC) have a commitment to caring for others. We are also committed to being transparent, especially during the Covid-19 Pandemic. PHCC is licensed to provide care for 120 residents with 174 employees. Our team members have worked extremely hard to be transparent with residents, families, employees and our community. 

There have not been any new Covid cases related to PHCC since 8-24-20.  There are currently no active Covid cases within the facility. 

The National Guard has returned to PHCC this week. While here, they will be performing additional decontamination processes. Until this process is completed, traditional visitation of residents remains suspended. We continue to encourage window visits, Skype video conferencing, phone calls and written communication to stay in touch with loved ones. Our team members are currently reviewing visitation guidelines as set forth by state and federal health officials. We will update our residents and family members as changes occur. 

Air purification systems have been installed on our centralized HVAC units. Per the manufacturer, the units utilize ionization and UV lighting to kill up to 99.4% of virus and bacteria particles, including Covid-19.  

Covid testing requirements change frequently based on the rate of community transmission.  The guidelines are set forth by state and federal health officials. Based on CMS guidelines( Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services), employee testing will be conducted at least monthly.  Our employees will be tested this week. Our residents will be tested on an as needed bases and as outlined by state and federal requirements. Residents and family members will be notified accordingly. 

Our team continues to utilize increased infection control practices which includes employee screenings, the use of appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) while in the facility, and increased cleaning procedures. 

We remain committed to increased resident and staff surveillance related to potential symptoms and overall prevention of the virus. All of our residents have been and continue to be monitored frequently for signs and symptoms of Covid-19. Any resident that displays potential signs or symptoms of Covid-19 is immediately placed on isolation precautions pending the results of Covid-19 testing. 


On 7-22-20, 8-4-20, and 8-25-20, OHFLAC( Office of Health Facility Licensure and Certification) conducted unannounced Covid-19 focused surveys, to determine if our facility was in compliance with Federal requirements related to implementing proper infection prevention and control practices to prevent the development and transmission of Covid-19. Per the OHFLAC reports, PHCC was  found to be “ in substantial compliance with participation requirements and no deficiencies were cited.” 

It is our understanding that many in our community including various health care providers are also dealing with Covid outbreaks. We are asking the public to please pray for all who are impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic. We thank God for all of the front-line heroes that put their own lives on the line as they take care of others!


Stefanie Compton 

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