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COVID-19 Update – Oct. 6, 2021

October 6, 2021

Princeton Health Care Center (PHCC) is a Non-Profit, Skilled Nursing Facility. We are licensed to provide care to 120 residents and employ over 160 dedicated team members. Our team continues to strive to be transparent with our residents, staff and our community throughout the Covid Pandemic.

COVID-19 cases are on the rise throughout our community and our state. Per state health officials, there are currently 43 outbreaks being reported in nursing homes throughout the state of West Virginia. Our team of dedicated health professionals continue to work closely with local and state health officials related to COVID mitigation efforts. As cases rose throughout our region, our team decided to complete COVID-19 surveillance testing, over and above state and federal requirements. In doing so, our team was able to identify cases early, most of which were without symptoms of the virus.

Here is a cumulative breakdown related to the current COVID-19 outbreak at PHCC:

Residents (cumulative 5)

0 active cases

Employees (cumulative 14)

1 active cases

Positive employees will not be permitted to return to work until they are cleared per the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines. In the event that we have positive residents, they are cared for in an area within our facility that is designated for COVID-19 patients, separate from others. Twice weekly testing will continue until such time that no additional cases are identified for a 14-day consecutive period. Please note, this is a very fluid situation and numbers can change frequently.

Our team members continue to follow the federal guidelines as set forth by The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and the CDC related to the prevention/mitigation of COVID-19. Residents are monitored frequently for signs/symptoms of COVID-19.  In the event that any resident or employee becomes symptomatic, immediate testing is completed and additional interventions are initiated.

Employees are screened for symptoms at the beginning of each shift, before they enter resident care areas. Increased cleaning procedures remain in place. The use of personal protective equipment remains in place, most of which exceeds current CDC recommendations. Additional cleaning is being conducted throughout the facility.

While we are still considered to be in “active outbreak status”, with no recent positive resident cases, State Health Officials have declared our outbreak to be “controlled” at this time.  They have granted permission to resume scheduled visitation in our chapel, the detached Visitation Villa, or outside when weather permits.  Each visitation option is available by appointment daily between the hours of 11:00 a.m. and 6:30 p.m.  Infection prevention guidelines remain in place, such as use of facial coverings, temperature checks, social distancing, hand sanitization, etc., and visitors will continue to be required to undergo a screening process upon scheduling and arrival to the visit.  As always, to schedule a visit, please call our dedicated visitation line at (304) 961-6488 between 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.  You may specify which visitation venue you prefer to utilize.

There may be times that the facility may limit visitation due to a high risk of Covid-19 transmission. These scenarios may include the limitation of indoor visitation for;

  • Unvaccinated residents, when the county positivity rate is greater than 10% and less than 70% of the residents within the facility are fully vaccinated.
  • Residents with confirmed Covid-19 infection, until they have met the criteria to discontinue Transmission-Based Precautions.
  • Residents in quarantine (such as newly admitted residents or those with potential exposures), until they have met the criteria for release from quarantine.
  • Residents that reside in an area within the facility that has had confirmed Covid-19 cases, may have visitation restricted, until the facility meets the criteria to discontinue outbreak testing per CMS guidelines.

In addition to scheduled visitations by appointment only, visitation may be utilized in the event of a compassionate care situation. Compassionate care visits will be determined on an individual basis, through a person-centered approach.  As always, we encourage you to also utilize Skype video calling, telephone calls, and window visits if you’re unable to visit face-to-face. We are very excited to also be resuming communal dining and activities for residents effective immediately, in which infection prevention measures, such as facial coverings and social distancing will be required in accordance with CDC guidelines.  This is a very fluid situation that can change at any time, but we will keep you posted with any developments as they occur.

Thank you to all of our healthcare heroes who continue their calling to serve others! We would also like to acknowledge local and state health officials for the ongoing resources and support. The ability to mitigate COVID-19 is not possible without the availability of vaccines, testing and personal protective equipment. The collaboration is evident and is very much appreciated.

Please pray for our residents, staff, and anyone that is impacted by this contagious virus.


Stay well and God Bless!


Stefanie Compton, RN, BSHA, NHA


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