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COVID-19 Update – Nov. 26, 2020

Princeton Health Care Center (PHCC) is a Not for Profit, Skilled Nursing Facility. We are licensed to provide care to 120 residents and employ 162 dedicated team members. Our team continues to strive to be transparent with our residents, staff and our community throughout the Covid Pandemic.

Our team has continually monitored the rate of community spread Covid cases closely. Based on the increased rate of infections within our community, our team decided to suspend visitation on 10-21-20, as a precautionary measure.  On 10-27-20 the decision was made to halt communal dining, also as a precautionary measure.  We have continued throughout the Covid Pandemic to follow CDC guidelines and in fact have exceeded many of their recommendations. Our team has continued to utilize PPE including N-95 masks, even though they are not required when a long-term care facility is not in an active Covid outbreak.

We currently have one employee that has tested positive for Covid. We have six recovered employees and zero positive residents.  Per the Governor’s recent Executive Order, skilled nursing facilities are now required to test employees twice weekly. During an active outbreak, which is defined as one positive Covid case, residents will be tested at least weekly until a period of 14 days since the last identified case of Covid-19.  Employees and residents will be tested again next week, as outlined.

Our Infection Control team members have recently attended various training sessions in regards to the upcoming distribution of Covid-19 vaccinations. Once the vaccines are cleared through various Federal Health agencies, our team will stand ready to administer them as outlined per state and federal guidelines. Our team members will soon begin working through education and required informed consent processes related to the upcoming vaccines.

With Thanksgiving being today, we want to reassure our residents, family members and our community that PHCC is celebrating the holiday with great food and festivities. Our team is dedicated to ensuring that our residents have a very special day today! We encourage loved ones to remain in contact with our residents through Skype messaging, phone calls, window visits and mail.

PHCC has fought hard to prevent and mitigate Covid. State health officials have been on site to complete four different surveys in the last four months. Each time, Princeton Health Care Center has been “determined to be in compliance with the Federal and State guidelines”. I want to thank our team members for being so dedicated to each other and most importantly, to our residents during this challenging time.

There are many nursing homes in our state with COVID-19 outbreaks at this time.  Please pray for them, our residents and employees as we continue to fight this battle!

Happy Thanksgiving to each and every one of you!


Stefanie Compton, RN, BSHA, NHA


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