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Wound Management: Advantages of Hydrocolloid Wound Dressing

Seniors are prone to chronic injuries, so their families should look after them with extra care. If an older adult has a mild or severe wound, it will only cause complications and infections if not treated correctly. The families of the elderly should ensure that medical professionals examine their loved ones regularly. This way, health-care providers can evaluate the severity of one’s wounds to prevent life-threatening complications.

In terms of wound management, a professional recommends hydrocolloid wound dressing. It is a type of wound treatment that gives moisture and gel-forming substances that allow body enzymes to help heal wounds. The following are the advantages of the hydrocolloid wound dressing:


Hydrocolloid dressing uses patches and bandages with a gel-like substance made of cellulose, pectin, and gelatin; bacteria are trapped in its moisture, preventing contaminants from forming and causing infections. Thus, the wound dressing protects and heals the skin of the wounded area of the elderly.

Wound treatment through hydrocolloid is effective for burns with small-area to partial-thickness burns to help the faster healing process. It absorbs a moderate amount of wound exudate to reduce bacterial counts in the injury, which can be infectious for seniors with a weak immune system, particularly those in their health beds.

Stronger Adhesive

Another advantage of hydrocolloid dressing is its strong adhesive. The film used in this type of wound dressing is composed of gellable mass that acts as its tackifier. Thus, even if a senior takes a bath or swims every day, it will not tear or leak easily because it’s more potent than any other dressing. Furthermore, this adhesive prevents bacteria and contaminants from entering the wound.


As previously stated, hydrocolloid is durable and resistant to bacterial growth; it’s time-savvy and cost-effective. The dressing doesn’t require much time to check and inspecting the wounded areas because they might already be leaking or torn up. You won’t need to worry about layering the dressing to ensure the wound is properly covered; one layer is enough to prevent shearing and bacterial growth.

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