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Why Is IV Treatment Important for Seniors?

Some seniors have difficulties taking medicines, such as swallowing vitamins in the form of tablets or capsules, for their health. There are also physically impaired people who need assistance with their daily life activities, including taking a proper dose of prescribed medicine every day. That’s why it’s recommended for them to take an IV treatment instead of the traditional medication.

An IV treatment is a method of administering prescribed medication as a fluid injection that infuses nutrients directly into a senior’s bloodstream in a single shot. This is common in clinical settings, particularly in a skilled nursing facility. Here’s the importance of IV treatment to seniors:

Boosts Immune System

An IV treatment helps improve the overall well-being of the elderly. Many seniors prefer IV therapy to strengthen their immune systems. This way, it’s faster for your loved one to feel the effect of the fluid injected into them and can be more beneficial than taking medicines orally.

Treats Dehydration

IV fluids can treat the dehydration of a senior, which can be a way to speed up their recovery. This gives seniors the fluids they need in their bodies, so they are not prone to constipation, cardiac illnesses, and bladder-related complications. Since IV treatment treats dehydration, weight loss in seniors can be more easily avoided. Essential vitamins can also be restored.

Reduces Digestive Upset

With IV therapy, digestive upset is less likely to happen. The treatment bypasses the digestive system, so your loved one who will undergo a session can avoid the side effects that oral medicines can cause. Furthermore, the amount of pharmaceutical solution given to the patient is controlled by an IV pump, so the dosage is always right.

Consult the Health Experts at Princeton Health Care Center

Before your loved one undergoes therapy services like IV treatment, they will need a prescription from a specialist. Reach out to us at Princeton Health Care Center in WV to learn more. We follow the best practices in medical care to ensure that our IV therapy for seniors is safe and effective.

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