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Five Tips for Diabetic Wound Care

Seniors with diabetes are prone to infection-related wounds that can further harm their health and worsen their condition. Foot wounds are the most common. They may seem minor, but they can also pose a risk of infection. With that, an individual with diabetes needs to maintain proper foot wound care. Read this blog to learn five tips for protecting diabetic feet.

1. Protect the Feet From Cuts and Scrapes
When walking outdoors, make sure you’re not barefoot. Even if you maintain a clean environment for a safe walkway, it does not mean you can ignore the risks of cuts and scrapes. You should keep your feet in the best possible condition and avoid injuries that may cause harmful infections.

2. Wear Diabetic-Friendly Shoes
Skilled nursing professionals advise wearing well-fitting shoes to protect your feet from wounds. This also includes wearing socks without seams and diabetic-friendly shoes with good coverage and toe box depth. You can also wear orthotic footwear, which are diabetic-specific shoes.

3. Keep Your Feet Dry
Remove wet material from sweaty socks or shoes immediately. Foot moisture can cause skin breakdown, a common risk factor for infection, particularly in individuals with diabetes. Carefully dry your toes with a towel, front and back, and between them. Apply ointment to your feet to prevent cracks and cuts, but avoid getting it between your toes to avoid moisture and infections it can bring.

4. Consult Your Podiatrist Regularly
Let your podiatrist handle diabetic wound treatment for your feet, specifically calluses, warts, corns, and bunions. Avoid doing the cleaning yourself because significant issues could arise. Always consult your podiatrist to get a proper foot wound checkup.

5. Maintain Blood Sugar Control
Aside from practicing proper wound care, it’s always best to maintain your blood sugar level. This should be your top priority so that bacteria do not aggravate your wounds and they can heal properly.

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