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4 Tips for Selecting a Short-Term Rehab Facility

Skilled nursing facilities that provide rehabilitation services for short-term stays are ideal for patients recovering from strokes and injuries. Look for a place where residents are safe in the hands of healthcare professionals because their general health is your top priority. Read on to learn what to look for in a short-term rehab facility to assist you in making the best decision for your loved one’s rehabilitation and recovery.


Choose a convenient location close to your home for a family member who needs short-term rehab care. They need the support of their family while undergoing rehabilitation and therapy. It is best to visit them occasionally and encourage them to keep getting better in to help speed up their recovery. Signing them in a nearby facility will lessen the burden of going.

The proximity matters equivalently to the facilities the rehabilitation center has. Therefore, you must look for one well-equipped with what your loved ones need to help them get back on track.

Healthcare Professionals

Check the certifications and qualifications of the short-term rehab facility and its staff. Eligibility to practice medical procedures, programs, and therapy is a must before going into the sessions. Before signing in, always thoroughly check the staff’s training and skills.

Programs and Services

Comparing short-term rehabilitation facilities in terms of programs and services should also be in consideration. The list of facility services they offer matters since these include what your loved one would need during their stay at a healthcare facility.

Financing Options

Determine whether your insurance covers the stay and programs a resident need to go through. Typically, insurance will only cover a portion of the cost, so you need to know the amount you need to pay. It’s best to decide when you already have the breakdown of all possible expenses.

Visit Princeton Health Care Center for a Tour

Residents in Princeton, WV, can take a free tour of Princeton Health Care Center to see and learn about our short-term rehabilitation programs. Our healthcare professionals practice medical precautions in pain management and provide skilled nursing services, so you can trust us with your loved one’s health improvement. Call us today!

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