Long-Term Care

A nursing facility staff and resident holding each other’s hand | Long-Term Care

Princeton Health Care Center is a modern 120-bed nursing center offering the highest quality care available, with an emphasis on the physical, social and emotional rehabilitation of our residents. Our trained staff assist with daily living needs as well as provide professional services.

When It’s Time for Long-Term Care

The decision to enter a long-term care facility isn’t one that individuals or their families take lightly. However, in the presence of certain health, safety, and practical concerns, a long-term care facility is often the best way to ensure the health and well-being of someone you love. Ask yourself the following questions.

Do I have the resources to provide the care my loved one needs?

Providing in-home care for a family member can leave us short of time, financial resources, and strength. In families where the care responsibilities aren’t evenly-distributed, that stress often leads to resentment and recriminations.

Do I have the skills and knowledge to provide the best care?

You know your loved one’s favorite television shows; you provide them with companionship, ensure they take their medications on time, accompany them to medical appointments, and cook meals with nutrition and love in equal measure. However, as their needs become more complex, requiring extended care, you will likely discover that a healthcare professional’s help is the best medical care option.


If you have a relative with dementia or Alzheimer’s, you’ve probably noticed that it isn’t just their memory that’s changed. Their temperament often changes as well. They can seem like their old selves one moment, but the next, they may be prone to agitation, wandering, or even aggressive behavior that can cause them to harm themselves or others.

Long-Term Care Services

We offer a variety of skilled nursing services at our long-term care facility in Mercer County, WV. It ensures a continuum of high-quality care.

  • Health care services, including pain management, wound management, IV therapy, and respiratory care
  • Therapeutic services that include physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy
  • Nutritional support via dieticians and dietary consultants
  • Hospice care
  • Social services
  • A range of social activities to keep the body and mind sharp
  • A barber and beauty salon
  • A 60-bed Special Care Unit for individuals with dementia and other related diseases, the largest active unit of its kind in the state

Residents won’t need or use each of these services all the time. However, they and their families have peace of mind knowing that every need — health, social, emotional, and physical — is paid close attention to. Resources and skilled, caring staff are always close at hand.

Managing the Transition to Long-Term Care

The transition to a long-term care facility begins long before move-in day. During this time, uncertainty and emotions run high, especially for family members dealing with guilt and worries over the standard of care offered to their loved one, and for the resident, who may be fearful of the change in their routine and what it means for their quality of life. We help families navigate this difficult transition in a way that honors their feelings while assuaging their concerns. We encourage you to take advantage of this support.

Why Princeton Health Care Center?

Long-term care works best under a holistic approach. That means accounting not only for physical health but also the resident’s social and emotional needs. Your loved one will be attended by the caring staff at our modern 120-bed nursing center.

Even though our campus is nestled in a peaceful and welcoming country setting, we’re close to Princeton Community Hospital, as well as being easily accessible to several local healthcare providers. We are also conveniently located enough that it’s easy for friends and family to visit, and we encourage you to do so. If you’re seeking skilled nursing in Mercer County, WV, reach out to Princeton Health Care Center to schedule an in-person visit today.