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When is Short-Term Rehab Care Necessary for Seniors?

When people think of a senior care facility like Princeton Health Care Center here in Princeton, WV, they tend to think of it solely as a place for long-term care. But in many cases, limited, focused care is just what the doctor ordered to get seniors back on their feet. That’s why short-term rehab is a large part of what we offer. Read on to learn more about some of the scenarios that often call for a short-term stay.

Wound Care

Wound care is a demanding job, and one that often falls to family members who may feel they’re in over their head. For one thing, the likelihood of inflicting pain can make both senior and caregiver nervous. The fact that many wounds are hard to reach doesn’t make things any easier. And the penalties from improper wound care are high, from infection to additional complications. For one example, we can look to diabetic seniors whose condition has caused blood vessels to harden and constrict. This constriction reduces healing and infection-fighting capabilities. For these seniors, even small scrapes can quickly become difficult-to-manage open wounds. Rather than turning a small problem into a chronic condition, short-term rehab can ensure that wounds heal as quickly and completely as possible so that seniors can get back under their own care sooner.


Post-Surgical Recovery

Many seniors will require surgery, be it major or minor. One of the main hurdles to surgical recovery is the need for temporary aid. Seniors who live independently—and will live independently again once they recuperate—find themselves requiring additional care that they or their loved ones may not be set up to provide. Inability to climb stairs can cut seniors off from vital facilities like a specially-outfitted upstairs bathroom. Surgery can also make things like food preparation difficult or impossible. Short-term rehab provides an alternative to reconfiguring the house or having family members struggle to adjust their schedule. Tapping into the knowledge and amenities of a long-term care facility for short-term recovery can help seniors recover more quickly from common surgeries like hip or knee replacement.


Recovery from Injury

An injury can be one of the most difficult things for a senior and their family to cope with. Like a wound, the potential for pain and additional complication is often high. Like surgery, special accommodations and specialized care are required. Adding to these challenges is the fact that, unlike a surgery, injury isn’t something planned for. When an injury occurs, such as a sudden fall, new needs must be accommodated immediately. Once again, a short-term rehab facility provides a ready-made solution when families need it most.



The goal, always, is to get back to 100 percent, or as close to it as possible. Rehabilitation is an essential piece of the puzzle when it comes to regaining lost mobility and reducing the risk of re-injury or additional surgery. Rehabilitation often takes the form of physical or occupational therapy. The additional care required during this rehabilitation period, along with transportation needs to and from care providers, can put a strain on family support networks. Short-term rehab facilities provide a place for seniors to focus on their rehab and recovery.


The Options at Princeton Health Care Center

If you would like to learn more about short-term care options now or for an upcoming surgery, give us a call today at 304-487-3458.

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