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Understanding Chronic Pain and How to Manage It in a Healthy Way

If you or someone you know suffers from chronic pain, or pain that lasts more than 12 weeks, you know firsthand how difficult living with constant pain can be. Chronic pain doesn’t just affect a person’s physical ability to do things like play chess or wash the dishes. It can also have a negative effect on their psychological well-being and emotional stability.

The annual total cost for chronic pain treatment, including lost productivity, disability programs, and direct medical costs, is estimated at around $560B.It’s not just the cost of treating chronic pain that’s surprising. The prevalence of the condition is equally startling, with an estimated 20 percent of adults in the U.S. suffering from chronic pain. Sadly, chronic pain is even more prevalent among aging adults. Healthy management techniques for chronic pain are more essential than ever, and Princeton Health Care Center can help.


Why Pain Management Is Important

Over the course of your life, you’ve probably experienced several types of pain. You may have suffered from acute pain when you injured yourself at some point, for example, and witnessed that pain lessening over time as your wound healed. While the severity of chronic pain may vary from one sufferer to another, it never really seems to go away across patients who don’t seek treatment.

Chronic pain can be life-changing for all the wrong reasons. In fact, chronic pain can be so debilitating it can destroy an individual’s quality of life and usurp the person’s will to live. To prevent those things from happening, it’s crucial to seek treatment for chronic pain.

Our Approach to Chronic Pain Management

Since our 120-bed skilled nursing facility in Princeton, WV admitted its first patient back in 1981, we’ve helped generations of guests overcome the challenges that are too often associated with chronic pain. Over the years, our approach to managing chronic pain has evolved as new techniques and treatment options have been developed.

Today, we’re proud to offer our residents a holistic approach to managing their chronic pain. While every treatment plan is personalized and tailored to specific needs, each plan includes several types of treatment methods. Depending on the type and source of your pain and other factors, your treatment plan may include physical or occupational therapy, non-narcotic painkillers, the use of medical devices and other treatment techniques.

Our integrated approach to chronic pain management enables us to help our residents rise above their chronic pain and reclaim their quality of life and physical and psychological well-being.

Comprehensive Options at Princeton Health Care Center

If you or someone you love suffers from chronic pain, we can help. We invite you to visit Princeton Health Care Center to learn more about our integrative approach to managing chronic pain and our treatment methods today.



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