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The Best Hobbies and Activities for Seniors

If some of the shine has gone off your golden years, it’s time to change your routine. Getting active, or taking up a hobby, doesn’t just get you out of the house. It helps keep you from dwelling on your own thoughts, put your cares aside, and get back to enjoying your time like you should. At Princeton Health Care Center, we’ve seen the difference these activities can make for your quality of life.


Getting a bit squishy around the middle? It happens to the best of us. A bit of daily exercise beats the bloat, clears the head, and releases endorphins that can help you stave off everyday aches and pains. There’s a proven link between exercise and a lowered risk of heart disease, diabetes, stroke, and depression.

Don’t forget that there are many low-impact exercises that are suitable even if you have mobility issues. Walking has many proven health benefits, but so do exercises like swimming and yoga. If pain or injury are keeping you from activities you love, consult with Princeton Health Care Center to find out about our physical therapy services!

Rediscover Play

Games with friends and family can be a great way to keep your mind sharp and enjoy the company of those you love. They’re also a great way to fill your alone time with activities that keep your mind sharp. A few fast-paced hands of Michigan Rummy, a mentally stimulating game of chess, or an evening of Parcheesi and cookies with your grandkids are great ways to pass the time. So are solitary games like the Sunday crossword or a bit of Sudoku.

Another activity that many older adults are finding fun: video games. Science is finding that they’re surprisingly effective at helping neuroplasticity, the property that allows your brain to absorb and retain new information.

Learn Something New

It’s never too late to learn something new. Cooking classes can give you new ways to liven up old dishes. A film class can give you a fresh appreciation for the classics. Genealogy can help you unearth your roots and give your family a glimpse into their past that they’re sure to treasure.

Local colleges often let seniors audit classes for free or at drastically lowered costs, while your local high school often offers night classes on everything from computers to ballroom dancing. You’ll meet new people, discover new things, and broaden your horizons.

Get Creative

There are many ways to unleash your inner Van Gogh or Shakespeare. Many seniors take up activities like photography, scrapbooking, and community theater. Others rediscover old loves they’ve neglected for years, whether it’s picking up watercolors or returning to a musical instrument that gave them joy. And your golden years are a great time to put pen to paper, looking back on a lifetime of memories and lessons learned; your story has value.

Even if you don’t think you’re particularly talented, sometimes trying something new out of simple curiosity can reveal hidden talents. You just might surprise yourself!


You may have retired from the nine-to-five grind, but that doesn’t mean your work must end. Volunteering is a good way to use your time, experience, and skills to enrich your community and the lives of those who live there. With so many organizations helping those in need, it’s easy to find something that aligns with your passions and values.

Staying healthy involves more than an annual physical or taking a handful of pills and vitamins every day. We also need to care for our minds and our spirits. Filling your day with meaningful activities can do just that. For more help living a life that’s as happy as it is healthy, check in with Princeton Health Care Center today.

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