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The Benefits of Physical Therapy

A lack of exercise and physical activity can have disastrous health consequences. Johns Hopkins lists obesity, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, increased cancer risk, cardiovascular issues, and premature death as having a direct correlation to inactivity, and points out that these risks are compounded by age. Mindful of this connection, Princeton Health Care Center provides physical therapy services in West Virginia so older adults can live fitter, happier, and longer.

Overview of Physical Therapy

Your treatment is likely to be uncomfortable at first, and there are times when you’ll feel as though you’re being pushed to your limits. There’s a reason for this: our goal is to restore mobility, and that’s going to take some hard work.

How You Benefit from Physical Therapy

All your hard work is worth the time and effort. Here are just a few of the benefits you’ll find:

Avoiding Surgery

Many of our patients use physical therapy, and its close relative, occupational therapy, as part of their recovery from surgery. However, if your doctor favors a more conservative approach to addressing pain or restoring mobility — and many do — physical therapy is often favored over surgery or overprescribing medications.

Pain Management

It’s an easy — and vicious — cycle to fall into. We hurt, so we exercise less. Because we exercise less, we hurt more, which causes us to be more inactive, which… well, you get the idea. Returning to exercise releases endorphins, which means you’ll feel better and experience less pain than you did before.

Mental Sharpness

Pain is a stressor. Stress, in turn, causes a host of side effects that can include anxiety, depression, and a loss of mental acuity. Returning to physical activity doesn’t just do your body good; it helps your mind, keeping you alert, clear-headed, and even happier.

Less Chance of Injury

If you’re prone to bad balance, or if a lack of strength makes you unsteady on your feet, you’ll be more likely to suffer slips, trips, and falls. Physical therapy restores balance and a better range of motion so you’re safer on your feet.

Better Health Overall

Physical therapy can benefit a host of illnesses caused by inactivity. If you already have conditions like diabetes and heart disease, physical therapy can also be the key to managing those illnesses.

Physical Therapy at Princeton Health Care Center

What can you expect from the physical therapists at Princeton Health Care Center? We offer a wide range of programs, supported by exercise equipment, biofeedback, mobilization therapy, electrical stimulation, pain management, and even wound care. Our goal is to increase your range of motion and mobility to improve posture, positioning, and stability.

Because no needs are quite the same, neither are our treatment plans. Your therapeutic treatment will be individualized to your needs for the most thorough and quickest results possible.

Our bodies are complex systems. Sometimes small things like a brisk walk every day can go a long way toward keeping our bodies in good health and our minds sharp. If the effects of an accident, fall, arthritis, or other ailment are keeping you from the activities you enjoy, schedule a consultation with the caring staff at Princeton Health Care Center. We’ve helped countless seniors in the Princeton, WV area return to health and happiness!

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