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Speech Therapy Options at Princeton Health

Many caregivers with young children are already familiar with the work done by speech-language pathologists. What many don’t realize is that these professionals can be a big help to their aging parents and loved ones. The aftermath of a stroke, traumatic brain injury, certain cancers, or conditions like achalasia can lead to difficulties not only with speech but also with swallowing. That’s when the speech therapy options offered by Princeton Health Care Center prove invaluable.

Overview of Speech Therapy

Speech therapy is delivered by a speech-language pathologist, also known as an SLP. While many speech therapists focus on the “speech” part of the equation (and many SLPs are commonly referred to as “speech therapists”), there’s much more to their job description than that. Because speech and swallowing problems are caused by a variety of physical and neurological factors, SLPs may use approaches as diverse as visual speech perception therapy, art therapy, group therapy, and even melodic intonation therapy, where the patient is taught to sing words they’re unable to speak.

How You Benefit from Speech Therapy

There are many benefits inherent in speech therapy. Among them:

Stroke Recovery

The National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke notes that it’s possible to recover speech functions after a stroke, but they warn that time is of the essence. If rehabilitation does not start promptly, it’s much harder to recover function; wait too long, and the chance of permanent impairment from aphasia (the inability to use and process language) is much greater.

Overall Safety

Issues like injury and pain are distressing for the elderly and their caregivers alike. An inability to describe issues when they arise makes it harder for individuals to assist in their own care, and speech problems may also be a manifestation of other neurological issues that could leave them more prone to illness or injury.

Proper Care

Not all issues addressed by SLPs are related to an illness, stroke, or biomechanical issue. From depression to medicines or dehydration, the underlying causes of these problems can be diverse and hard to pinpoint. Experience and training help an SLP find and address these issues at the source.

Undergoing Speech Therapy at Princeton Health

Just as individual cases requiring speech therapy vary, so do the speech therapy treatment plans offered by the SLPs at Princeton Health Care Center. We offer programs that address verbal communication, but there’s much more available than that. In addition to the recovery of speech and language skills, we will also address memory skills, non-verbal communication (including for hearing impaired individuals), oral muscle strength training for speaking and swallowing, and even dietary recommendations.

If you or a loved one require the services of a speech and language pathologist, contact Princeton Health Care Center. We’ll demystify the process and discuss treatment goals and realistic outcomes to develop a treatment plan that’s a sensible fit. We serve the Princeton, WV area with dedication, expertise, and compassion.

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