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How your Senior can stay active during COVID-19

As part of the high-risk population for COVID-19, seniors in long-term care facilities are unable to take part in many activities and outings right now, but that doesn’t mean that they cannot exercise and have fun! Read on for some tips on how to get out there without risking your health!

Good Activities For Seniors

Many attractions are closed right now and those in skilled nursing care homes should limit their contact with the outside world. However, skilled nursing facilities offer plenty of options for residents to get moving alone or with their core quarantine group. Try some of these activities to get you started:


Going for a walk is a wonderful activity that nearly anyone can participate in, with necessary adjustments. Whether you enjoy a stroll, a brisk walk, or a vigorous jog, fresh air is good for you when the weather is pleasant. If temperatures are too high or low or rain clouds linger overhead, try doing laps or climbing stairs indoors. Walking strengthens muscles and bones gets your heart pumping and helps with weight management.

Exercise Routine

Even if you can’t get to a gym and don’t have a lot of equipment, there are plenty of fitness routines that you can make a regular part of your day. YouTube and other streaming services offer a wide variety of workouts specifically geared towards seniors. Use “senior” or “older adult” as a keyword to find appropriate videos. Yoga, tai chi, and pilates are popular choices for seniors as they can be done virtually anywhere by people of all levels and abilities. A simple Google search will also return many easy-to-follow strength training routines that are crucial to keeping those muscles strong! Books, cans, and other items that can be found around your long-term care facility can be used as weights in a pinch.


You don’t have to have a green thumb or a lot of space to try your hand at gardening. If digging in the dirt isn’t an option, small houseplants or succulents can provide a good outlet for your inner naturalist. Potted plants can be stored on windowsills or terraces if long-term sun exposure is not healthy for you.

Arts And Crafts

A creative outlet is crucial to keep your mind active. If you don’t feel like you are artistically inclined, do not worry! Art can be created from basic items you already have at your skilled nursing facility. Ask staff members about arts and crafts materials, classes, and instruction that may be available to you.

Board Games And Card Games

If you are looking for an activity with less physical strain, playing games is a great way to pass an afternoon. At Princeton Health Care Center, staff members and residents alike love to get together to play familiar favorites and teach each other new games as well!

Safety Tips

It is more important than ever to keep an eye on your health and take extra precautions to prevent illness and injury.  If you are trying a new activity that you have never done before, start slow. Consult your doctor or other fitness expert and practice all recommended safety tips for your chosen activity. Make sure the areas you will do any exercises are free of obstacles and items to prevent slips and falls. Wear appropriate shoes and clothing for your activities, especially if they will take place outside. Use sun protection such as sunscreen, hats, and sunglasses, and bring plenty of water along, even if you only plan to take a short walk. Make sure there are places for you to rest if necessary and take a staff member with you on your walk so that assistance is there if needed!

Princeton Health Care Center makes sure our senior community remains connected and active no matter what life throws at us. Contact us today to learn more about our activities.

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