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10 Father’s Day Activities for Seniors

A typical Father’s Day often includes taking your dad out for a special event or meal, especially if he lives in a skilled nursing care facility. You may not be able to book a reservation at his favorite restaurant or take him to a ball game, but with a little creative thinking, you can create the type of celebration he deserves, no matter where you are! Here are some great ideas that are easy to personalize based on your family’s traditions and logistical challenges.

Virtual Museum Tour

Some of the world’s best museums are now offering access to their most popular exhibits. Does your dad have a favorite artist or a museum he always wished he was able to visit? Make the trip together without the time and expense of travel!

Best Sports Moments

Sporting events make for great outings with your father. Compile some video footage over the internet of the best moments of his favorite sport or team. You can even accompany this virtual visit with trading cards, a sports jersey, or another related gift to make him feel like he was really there.


Nothing connects people quite like a great meal. See if you can secure takeout at his favorite restaurant, or perhaps cook him a special dish or dessert. If you can’t be with him in person, eat dinner together at the same time with the use of video conferencing.

Bring The Grandkids!

Nothing cheers up an isolated senior like a surprise visit from his grandchildren! Gather your kids together, have them create art that they can share over a video conference call, and let them visit with grandpa for as long as their attention spans will allow.

Game Night

Playing board games together is a nice activity for fathers who may not be physically active. If you cannot sit at the same table, you can still set up a game over a video conference, or find an online version that is easy to learn.

Movie Night

You and your dad may not have the same taste in movies, but this is his day. Surprise him with his favorite or let him pick one out. Watch parties are a good way to enjoy a film together and have conversations while respecting social distancing guidelines.

Send a Care Package Or Scrapbook

If your father feels left out of your recent life activities, you can include him by creating a scrapbook or photo album of all the things you have been doing and send it to him. Include some of his favorite things from the outside world so he can anticipate connecting in person again.

Ask Him To Tell You Stories

You have probably heard the same tales dozens of times and the details probably change a bit with each telling, but that doesn’t make it less special. Set up a video call and ask your dad to tell you about that time he caught the prize fish or to describe how he met your mother. Recollecting events complements mental health services by improving cognitive processes.

Teach Him Something

There are a lot of technological advances lately that can help you and your dad stay in touch. If he is a little insecure about learning a new skill, make it fun! Involve your children and pets and get excited to share your life with him in a new way!

Let Him Teach You Something

Parents never stop wanting to teach their children new things. Ask your dad to share something new he has learned, like a craft he has created in our Activities Department. Follow along at home and help him gain confidence in the fact that he is still someone you look up to!

Make a plan now to help your dad enjoy Father’s Day even if you cannot be together. Contact Princeton Health Care Center to learn more about our video conferencing options and restrictions on sending and receiving gifts and other items.

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